How astrology helped Anurag get a job!

Here’s the story of Mr. Anurag Mathews, a 28 years old techie working for an MNC. Learn about his experience with astrology and how it helped him shape up his future by landing him in a secure job. This is the part of our International Astrology Day initiative to bring to you the best of experiences of Astrology as a support system. Check out his story in his own words!

Hi! I’m Anurag. I completed my MCA from Vellore Institute of Technology in 2014. I had the right domain knowledge and the apt technical skill set in place but was still struggling to get a job matching my profile. I gave interviews everywhere from startups to MNCs but it never clicked. There were moments when I was one of the final few candidates, but I was not able to grab the opportunity. I also appeared for various government and bank exams, but I couldn’t clear it. It was affecting both personal and professional life.

To know why I was going through such a rough phase I took advice from my family members, friends, and career counselors. That process led to more confusion and created a dilemma on what to do and what not. Within two years, pessimism overshadowed optimism and failure led to depression. I went for astrology and took consultation from astrologers both online and offline. I faced a lot of hassles from finding a good astrologer to scheduling appointments to fixing up a phone call and moreover, all of this was both costly and time-consuming.

One day I stumbled upon Askmonk – an easy, fast and affordable astrology app. At Askmonk I was able to consult seamlessly with a bunch of amazing astro counselors on their panel who gave me extensive explanation, recommended easy & radical remedies and guided me through my rough phase.

After putting in my complete effort towards the job interviews and following the remedies advised with full faith, I finally landed a job in a reputed MNC. It still is one of the most euphoric moments of my life! 🙂

Astrology has acted as a roadmap to guide me in taking the right direction. All one need to do is follow them wisely and with belief. Proper consultation along with effective remedy does make a difference in one’s life.


In my opinion, Askmonk came as a blessing in disguise. This surely worked for me and I would love to recommend Askmonk to anyone who is confused or stuck somewhere. In our busy schedule, Askmonk has come up with a unique platform to make things both simple and easy.

No need to look around for reliable experts and fix appointments anymore! All you need to do is Askmonk! 🙂

– Kanishk Rai

Askmonk – Astrology on the go!

(This is based on an individual’s experience as shared with the Askmonk Team. Vedic astrology is one of the oldest support system’s from India and people have benefited from this science and its proper and radicalised use!)


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