How astrology helped Sanjeev regain health!

Here’s the story of Mr. Sanjeev Sharma, a 35 year old project manager working at an MNC. Learn about his experience with astrology and how it helped him improving his health and securing the job he was passionate about. This is the part of our International Astrology Day initiative to bring to you the best of experiences of Astrology as a support system. Check out his story in his own words!

Hi I’m Sanjeev. I was a product manager in a leading IT firm. However, my career wasn’t growing as per my expectations and I felt under-utilised as well. Also, my poor health took a toll on my career. I frequently fell sick and I had to meet doctors regularly. Citing health concerns, I had to resign from the job. My life was going through a very bad phase!

I gave many interviews but despite having proficient managerial skills I was unable to convert them into employment. The stress due to unemployment and poor health brought in a lot of frustration and caused anxiety and other medical issues. My family members were concerned about my health and I couldn’t do anything about it. I took consultation from various astrologers but the element of dissatisfaction was always there.

Finding reliable astrologer was one such hassle I faced every time. It was also very inconvenient for me to go through series of appointments prior to fixing a meeting with an astrologer. This process was very expensive and extremely tedious.

One day I was browsing through astrology apps on google and came across Askmonk. I posted my query there and within no time I got a descriptive answer with simple and easy solutions. I followed the remedies and within 45 days, and mark my words in 45 days, my health started to improve and I got multiple job offers with handsome packages. I was stunned to witness this incredibly accurate outcome and the way these radical solutions worked for me!

Testimonial (1).png

I really appreciate Askmonk app and the way they have bridged the communication between a user and astrologer is really commendable. The astrologers on their panel are passionate about astrology and their explanations are very subtle. In my view everyone is stuck in one way or the other in their lives and Askmonk is the solution for them making quality astrology super simple from top-notch astrologers in a seamless manner. 

I would recommend Askmonk as the one stop solution for best astrological solutions that you can get on your fingertips. Wishing you great success 🙂

– Kanishk Rai

Askmonk – Astrology on the go!

(This is based on an individual’s experience as shared with the Askmonk Team. Vedic astrology is one of the oldest support system’s from India and people have benefited from this science and its proper and radicalised use!)


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