International Astrology Day, 2017

Askmonk celebrated International Astrology Day on 20th March, as it marks the beginning of the new year for the astrologers and astrology enthusiasts. It is the first full day of the astrological sign of Aries and thus marks the beginning of the tropical Zodiac.

This year starts on 21st March with Aries sign and ends on 20th March with Pisces sign.


Askmonk appreciates the experts who guide us towards the right path. Listen to interesting insights from some of Askmonk’s certified astrologers sharing their views on the essence of astrology and wishing all of you wonderful people out there:

Happy International Astrology Day! 🙂

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Essence of Astrology

– Team Askmonk

Astrology on the go!


The viability of Astrology as a business?

Why Astrology?”

This is one question that I get almost always, whenever I climb a stage to pitch or meet someone interesting from the tech space or investors.

So, here’s an explanation of my thoughts on astrology and why I chose to back it up!

Human beings are curious animal. We all want to know about our future. We want to know whether or not we would fair good in a job, whether our marriages would last, whether our investments would be fruitful and so on and so forth. Also, it is a very private affair and most of us don’t really want to show it in public because of the stigma of being labeled as a follower of blind faith or voodoo or something. I don’t really want to get into a debate on Astrology classified as science or pseudo-science or not even a science. That’s a never ending debate and it’s better left avoided.

The point is, nobody wants to get left behind in this super fast and competitive world. No one wants to have doubts and unanswered questions, especially when it has prospects of a better future. It is the fear of missing out (FOMO) that everybody is on a lookout for instant solutions, easy remedies and speedy rewards. Everyone wants to know the genesis for their miseries/downfalls and take right steps to come up as a winner. They want to take informed decisions today for a better tomorrow, and astrology is “The Thing” for that.



Deep dive into Astrology: The conceptual angle.

Astrology is derived from the word “astrologia” meaning “the Science of the Stars”. Astrology consists of a bunch of distinctive systems that are laid upon the fundamental idea of a relationship between happenings in our world and certain kind of astro-phenomena or influence of the stars on us. So, the basic principle that astrology acknowledges is that celestial/heavenly bodies have effects on every earthling. The celestial bodies help provide us with the ability to both organize knowledge and understand the world around us. Their location, as it pertains to one’s birth date, place and time, has a significant impact on one’s life.

It’s a 4000 years old science and is also stated as the “Mother of all sciences”.

Astrology goes way beyond the sun sign columns published in newspapers categorizing close to 7.4 Billion people into just 12 standard categories, while each and every soul is unique and has specific traits! The effect of stars and heavenly bodies is specific to every individual. Astrology is the correlation between stars and their effect on life forms derived through statistical positioning and calculating their effective movements to come up with a holistic chart called kundali decoding the possibilities and evaluating prospects for future.


Astrology as business

Astrology has seen tremendous growth in recent years and is only growing with advent of scientific tools and better understanding of people. Online Astrology is also one of the fastest growing markets (especially in India) growing close to 100% YoY and is expected to grow to 3 billion dollars by 2020 in India alone! 

People, especially youth, are realizing that astrology can come in handy and can really help them shape their future in an organized and informed manner. On the other hand more and more educated and passionate people are taking up astrology as a profession and guiding people through practical, modern and radical consultations.



Today, people more than ever need this age old support system which is solely made in India, in their lives because of the change in socio-economic conditions of our society and increasing uncertainties around the world!

In the coming years, it will expand to new horizons and adapt according to the new challenges of the 21st century.

It’s not too far into the future where astrology is as easy as getting a recharge on your phone! 🙂


– Vaibhav

AskmonkAstrology on the go!

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Expect the unexpected

Only a few minutes ago I was reading an article on the founder of Art of Living, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar by Alok Kejriwal that said:

“Sometimes, the Universe grants you what you want, almost instantly!”

How very true! Every word of this line is super important. And it happened to us today!

In a few days Donald Trump is going to be the president of the free world – ala, United States of America. We all understand how important this event is going to be along the timeline of our civilization. The whole world is watching, both anxious about and excited for, the new incoming president.

A perfect setting for our astrologer think-tank to do a kundali.

This seemed like a great opportunity for Askmonk to sit together — developers, designers, editors and of course astrologers to come up with a viral kundali on Donald Trump. It must be unique we thought.

A unique presentation of his kundali (our first ever) along with a hardcore synopsis of what his stars have to say, his influences and impact on socio-economic relationship between India  and US — sounded like goosebumps to me!

We wanted it to be cool so decided on combining technology (Nodejs & Bookiza framework) and age-old science of astrology together to produce the following ‘Askmonk’s Viral Kundali’ of Mr. Trump using only vedic principles:

Once it was ready we shared it in our friend circle, both in India and the US and thus started a social loop we could have only dreamed for. We ended up on the front page of The Economic Times today, and I’m only deeply touched and euphoric to confirm that:


“Sometimes, the Universe grants you what you want, almost instantly!” 🙂


Askmonk – Astrology on the go!

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The Times of India, Coverage!

We were recently covered on The Times of India and The Economic Times with some of the best and most promising startups in our space. This just marks the beginning of a long way of changing how people seek astrology, online 🙂 #occultDisruption #askmonk


Link to The Economic Times article:

Startup India Rocks 2016, Bangalore

So, Askmonk was invited for the Startup India Rocks 2016 finale pitch off last week at Bangalore alongside a few hand-picked startups from close to 20 cities all over India! Yay 🙂

We met some awesome people over there and connected with some of the top investors / CXO’s in India. A little bit of revelation too, Askmonk was the only technology start-up out there serving the niche astrology market.

Here are some moments:

Covered Live on ETNow!

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The lisitng!


Vaibhav pitching at the event!